Assistant Principal Appreciation Week

“Sarah is an incredibly kind, giving, and hard-working person. She truly exemplifies the mission of the agency, and always puts the children first in any decision she makes. I couldn’t ask for a better Assistant Principal.” – Shannon Perri, Principal This week was National Assistant Principals Week, and we want to appreciate our very own… Continue Reading →

Give Our Regards To Broadway

“Every man has his daydreams. Every man has his goal. People like the way dreams have of sticking to the soul,” sings 17-year-old Austin. Austin has been a student at Tilton for just a short time, but his dynamic singing and performing skills have already caught the attention of our entire Tilton School. He has his… Continue Reading →

Championship-Bound in Watertown

What a month it was for Najuan in Watertown! Last month, he and his two brothers were adopted by the Bellinger – Abel family! His mom, Sarah has been a foster parent with HGS for years and has adopted 10 children during that time. She is super proud of Najuan for his athletic achievements. Sarah tells us, “He will be going… Continue Reading →

School Counselor Appreciation Week

Last week was School Counseling Appreciation Week and we wanted to introduce everyone to our very own School Counselor here at Tilton.  Rebecca just recently celebrated her 1-year anniversary with the agency. We would like to thank her for all of her hard work and dedication to the Tilton School and we are happy to… Continue Reading →

Wall of Favorite Stories

Reading is, well, fundamental! It helps build a vocabulary, informs the reader of new experiences, and creates an opportunity for escape and relaxation. For some, getting lost in a story of a world that is not their own is just the perfect getaway. Tilton School Teacher Anna Anggaputra and her Teacher Assistant Rosa Rentas created a “favorite book”… Continue Reading →

Caught Being Kind

“Caught ya!” exclaimed Vice Principal, Sarah Roselli. November 13 was World Kindness Day, and Ms. Roselli was on a covert week-long mission to identify all the kindness happening at Tilton School. It was quite a lucrative mission! Here are just a few of our students caught being kind! Domenic was “caught being kind” when one of… Continue Reading →

Back-to-School Supplies Needed

We are in need of school supplies! Did you know that The House of the Good Shepherd has a K-12 school on our main campus? We are a 12-month school and always in need of school supplies, but this upcoming Back-to-School season is particularly important for us with a new class of students in need…. Continue Reading →

Foster Care During COVID-19

Crisis In various parts of the country, the Coronavirus has thrown the foster care system into a crisis. Despite all of the uncertainties, we work hard to make sure that families continue to progress through their parenting and reunification goals. Children are still being removed from households where child abuse or neglect is alleged. Still, with… Continue Reading →

This Is Us

This is us. We are the Child Care Workers on the front line working 24/7 to make sure that children are safe; that they don’t feel the emptiness of neglect or the loneliness of abandonment. We are here. This is us. We are the Nurses who worry that our kiddos stay healthy. We ensure that… Continue Reading →