The Introduction of TFCO

The House of the Good Shepherd believes that the most appropriate setting to raise children is within a safe and nurturing home. We always strive to prevent the need for children to reside in residential settings, but some children still end up there when that cannot happen. To minimize the youth population in those programs,Continue reading →

Positive Words of Encouragement

There are many ways to encourage a child. For children of any age, honest, authentic, and persistent messages from adults that have credibility in their eyes are among the most powerful. Words of encouragement help children at HGS stay on track and continue their path to treatment. RTF Clinician Julia Hubbard projects her words ofContinue reading →

Children’s Health Home Recognition

“Rachael excels in many areas in her position as a Care Manager. She successfully engages with all her clients/family consistently, allowing them to truly appreciate her services and show progress towards their goals.” The Children’s Health Home of Upstate New York, LLC is a partnership of independent agencies working to ensure that quality family-driven, youth-guided care managementContinue reading →

Let Me Teach You What I’ve Learned

In the music room, there are many ways to learn about the many musical instruments and how to play them. Evan, who took an interest in the guitar, has been taking lessons for quite some time now and has been working on different units to help him gain more skills with the guitar. Evan has beenContinue reading →

Community Reader’s Day

In March, The Tilton School Peer Mentors were invited to Kernan Elementary School to participate in Community Reader’s Day. Community Reader’s Day brings community members from various career fields to visit the students, read to them, and tell them about their lives and careers. The peer mentors met at the library for some social timeContinue reading →

Foster Care Helped Me Thrive

“Foster Care helped me thrive, and gave me a place to finally be myself.” – Ryan On Wednesday afternoon, Amy Roth from the Utica Observer-Dispatch stopped by our Foster care building to interview one of our young adults in Foster Care, Ryan. The interview was conducted to give Ryan the opportunity to tell his story to theContinue reading →

Celebrating 150 Years

This year, The House of the Good Shepherd proudly celebrates its 150-year anniversary since its founding as “a home for friendless, neglected and destitute children.” HGS will host a series of events throughout the year designed to commemorate the past while looking forward to future growth and opportunities. “For 150 years, The House of Good Shepherd hasContinue reading →

Providing Care Cases to Foster Care

About eight years ago, Brittany Emery, a previous Foster Family Specialist, called HGS. She could not stop thinking about the children placed into foster care with nothing but the clothes on their backs. After much reflection, she decided that she needed to help. Brittany came up with the idea to form a not-for-profit organization called Care Cases. CareContinue reading →

Remsen Youth Donate to The House

Many times, you’ll find that those who realize children are in need are the adults of our community, who know how important it is to support children in less fortunate situations. But when children donate to children, it creates a sentimental feeling, knowing that others their age care just as much as adults. The HouseContinue reading →