The House has been changing children's lives since 1872.

Short-Term/Diagnostic Care

We do our best to create transparency with these youth from day one- we are here for them. We want to support them- but we do not wish to keep them here for one day longer than they need it!

Our Short-Term/Diagnostic Program is located on our main campus at "B Cottage" and serves youth from the age of 6 up until their 21st birthday. Children come to this program for a few different reasons. Sometimes, there is a better plan waiting for them - but it is not quite ready. Other times, there may be deeper issues that require a program of therapeutic care.

These youth are in the custody of the Department of Social Services. Referrals to this program are based on a short stay to ensure safety, well being, and permanency. Some of our youth are assessed by a psychiatrist, psychologist, and a mental health provider to create a recommendation of treatment moving forward. While throughout reside in this program, they can attend Tilton School or their school district of origin, depending on what is best for that youth.