Many times, you'll find that those who realize children are in need are the adults of our community, who know how important it is to support children in less fortunate situations. But when children donate to children, it creates a sentimental feeling, knowing that others their age care just as much as adults. The House is very thankful to know this exists in our community as Remsen's 4-H student group raised money to support children in Tilton School.

To raise money, the youth decided to have a bake sale at the Remsen Farmers Market. They baked, made signs, served customers, and acted as cashiers. They were successful beyond their expectations, raising over $200. And, rather than donate the money, they chose to purchase supplies for our kids to have personally!
The group contacted Dennis Corrigan, co-owner of Wilcor International, to buy backpacks and comfort items. To their surprise, Wilcor offered to donate all the supplies plus some. Wilcor donated over $1000 in backpacks, blankets, and toys. This allowed the group to purchase diapers, wipes, and clothes in many sizes with the money they raised. The total value of the donated supplies was $1400! WOW! The youth hope that their donation will help the children feel more comfortable during a difficult time. We want to thank the 4-H youth and their group leader who participated in the volunteer project; Ella and Glenn Lafave, Emmelia and Eliza Smith, Andrew and Anna Becker, Alexis Helmer, and group leader Kimberlee Corrigan.