A Child's Promise Annual Campaign

The Child's Promise Campaign acknowledges that ALL children have potential. With your support, the children at The House receive the best possible care and resources that provide the framework for trauma recovery, while helping to strengthen families in our community. 
Every donation will impact the life of a child at The House. This year, a portion of the proceeds will directly affect the children in our Tilton School and residential programs by purchasing equipment and learning tools that will support science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Equipment including laptops, iPads, smartboards, and eBooks will help encourage interest in these areas and give our children a chance at a bright future. 
You may have heard a lot about STEM education recently and for a good reason. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The education plan involves more than just teaching subjects but fosters an approach that appeals to a natural sense of curiosity, creativity, and research. 


As technology advances and permeates every area of our life, it's essential that we teach our kids critical thinking skills, reasoning, teamwork, and problem-solving competency. Regardless of the profession that these children choose, these skills will prepare them to handle tough times, take advantage of opportunities, and encourage innovative solutions.