The House has been changing children's lives since 1872.

These programs provide safe, secure, and trauma-responsive services for children and adolescents in a therapeutic environment.

Residential Services

Teenage girl with glasses sitting in front of a window and smiling.

Intensive Treatment

Institutional level of care for children ages 6–21 whose significant trauma & mental health have made permanency difficult.

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Young man sitting on a couch.

Non-Secure Detention

Youth who are going through family court for specific adjudications may be placed here by the family court judge if there is a risk of safety.

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Young man sitting on a couch.

Pivot Program

Our Pivot Program is designed to provide highly structured days anchored to educational tasks, various vocational exploration opportunities, and incorporating basic life skills.

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Young man wearing a beanie and smiling.

Raise the Age

A court-appointed program designed to build independent decision-making skills based on incentives and natural consequences.

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Teenage boy in a gray hoodie.

Residential Treatment Facility

Psychiatric care for youth who have been certified for this level of care before their 21st birthday.

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Young boy sitting with his head on his arms.

Short Term/Diagnostic

Short-term placements and diagnostic assessments for youth ages 6–17.

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