There are many ways to encourage a child. For children of any age, honest, authentic, and persistent messages from adults that have credibility in their eyes are among the most powerful. Words of encouragement help children at HGS stay on track and continue their path to treatment.

RTF Clinician Julia Hubbard projects her words of encouragement to our RTF students when she sees them engaging in positive activities and behaviors. She places a poster that acknowledges their accomplishments on their bedroom doors, so they can see them when they return from school.

Read the positive messages written to the children by Julia below to see the progression the students make day-to-day!

"Abby, I am unbelievably proud of you. You are working so hard on your growth. The things that I see you doing to contribute to your growth and healing include the following:

  • Participating fully and joyfully in positive psychology groups.
  • Working on your relationships with your family
  • Using your coping mechanisms
  • Staying emotionally and physically safe

You are a warrior woman Abby. Keep up the good work!"

"Diana, I am so impressed by your growth in many areas of your life. I see you engaging in healthy words and behaviors when you:

  • Express your needs without using profanities. Amazing Job!
  • Ask for help and support when you need it.
  • Make progress in how you speak to and interact with your family.
  • Show kindness to team members and peers.

You are a strong and powerful woman and can accomplish great things!"