In the music room, there are many ways to learn about the many musical instruments and how to play them. Evan, who took an interest in the guitar, has been taking lessons for quite some time now and has been working on different units to help him gain more skills with the guitar.

Evan has been very excited about his progress so far and wanted to show Ms. Harrell what he has been working on. Evan grabbed a guitar and then started showing Ms. Harrell what he had learned, and eventually, he asked her to pick up a guitar for herself.

The show-and-tell session quickly turned into a teaching session where Evan proudly enlightened Ms. Harrell on the proper ways to play and how to play certain chords. Evan was enthusiastic when showing and teaching Ms. Harrell how to play the simple song included in the unit.

We congratulate Evan for taking what he learned from his lessons to help educate someone else on something he thought was important!