The House has been changing children's lives since 1872.

Payroll Deduction Gifts

Payroll Deductions Make Your Life Simple and Your Gift Continual!

Payroll Deduction Gift

A gift through payroll deduction is an easy way to give and one you might not have considered. Generous gifts at any level help children at The House. Many supporters donate $1 a paycheck. For less than the cost of a candy bar, that dollar power provides resources for children to thrive.

United Way





You can support The House of the Good Shepherd with your United Way payroll deduction, simply fill out the box on the payroll deduction application.

State Employees Federated Appeal






Any state employee can participate in the State Employees Federated Appeal (SEFA) Campaign. The House of the Good Shepherd is among the certified SEFA charities. To make your gift to The House of the Good Shepherd, please use charity number 72-00113 on the SEFA Pledge Forms. There are two ways to make your gift.

  • Complete a SEFA Pledge Form when SEFA materials are shared at your workplace during the October - November SEFA Campaign.
  • Visit to set up your account and your paycheck withdrawal for the year. Search for "House of the Good Shepherd, The"
  • Make an online gift by going to Gifts are accepted throughout the year.