The House has been changing children's lives since 1872.

"I didn't think about how I could make a meaningful gift to a charity that I cared deeply about until I considered my will. Then it made perfect sense. I could have a significant impact on the future of children at The House without affecting my current lifestyle." -Bequest Donor.

Bequests – Legacy – Planned Giving


Contributions to The House of the Good Shepherd
play a vital role in providing essential
resources and services across various critical
areas for vulnerable children and families.

Why is it important to remember The House of the Good Shepherd?

When you remember The House of the Good Shepherd, you provide long-term prosperity for our agency, care for our community for generations to come, and that the mission, vision, and work continues well into the future. For nearly 150 years, The House has impacted thousands of children and families in our community, providing a safe-haven, essentials, care, and education, ultimately making our community stronger. The House's work is a true "calling," and we can provide a path towards a brighter future for the children and families we care for with your kindness.

A planned gift reflects your personal values, and your consideration humbles us. We will work with you to establish your preferences, so your thoughtful gift fulfills your wishes.

Ways to remember The House of the Good Shepherd

  • A Beneficiary of a Will
  • Beneficiary Designations on a Life Insurance Policy, Annuity, or Qualified Retirement Plan
  • Named as a Recipient in a Trust
  • Gift of Real Estate
  • Gift of Appreciated Securities
  • Gift of Personal Property
  • A Recipient of a Donor-Advised Fund

Naming The House of the Good Shepherd as a beneficiary in your will is a meaningful yet simple planned gift.

There are three pieces of information you can give your attorney.

  • The legal name of our agency: The House of the Good Shepherd
  • Tax ID: 15-0532199
  • Legal address: 1550 Champlin Ave, Utica, NY 13502

A Sample Bequest

I hereby give, devise, and bequeath to THE HOUSE OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD, at 1550 Champlin Ave, Utica, NY 13502, federal tax ID 15-0532199, the sum of $X (amount written out), exclusive of my lifetime donations, if any, to be used for THE HOUSE OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD'S most urgent priorities as determined by its board of trustees in their sole discretion.

Please Note

The information provided is an outline for planned giving and is not to be considered advice. Based on ever-changing tax laws, any individual regarding a planned gift should consult with legal, tax, and financial advisors. 


Named in memory of Chip Lynch; The CHIP LYNCH BRIGHTER FUTURE FUND will provide financial support for higher education, vocational classes, and technical training. Donna and her late beloved husband, Chip, always believed education, vocational training, and giving kids a fighting chance to believe a brighter future is imaginable, is a significant key to a child's success. That investing in their future will provide them with a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. The fund helps with the following and more!

  • Application fees
  • Touring College campus or other
  • Vocational classes and supplies
  • SAT and additional testing fees
  • Books, laptops, software licenses
  • Transportation
  • Tuition, Room & Board, Meal plans
  • Any training, certification, or education needed for employment
  • Tutoring


Established in 2020, The DON & EDIE CARBONE - POTENTIAL MEETS POSSIBILITIES FUND will assist children by providing resources to fulfill their potential, paving a path for a promising future. Something the Carbone family believes in and lives by. The fund will help provide tools to hard-working, capable youth by bridging the financial gap that would otherwise prevent them from making the most of their aptitude. This fund will help a child explore what is possible and fulfill that potential. The fund assists with the following and more!

  • To acquire necessary supplemental educational resources, whether it's instruments, laptops, or tutors.· Help a blossoming star with a sports coach, specialty music or art classes, or musical instrument for those seeking to hone and perfect their craft.
  • Costs related to those ready to live independently and are employed, such as providing a security deposit to an apartment often out of reach.
  • It can provide resources to hopeful students to overcome the obstacles that often render their dreams unattainable, such as transportation or the tools necessary to be successful in a higher education setting.


To donate to a specific fund, check "I would like to dedicate this donation" and then choose from the dropdown menu options on our Donate Page!

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