The House has been changing children's lives since 1872.


Child's Promise Campaign

As The House of the Good Shepherd’s 150th anniversary comes to a close, we reflect on a past enriched with evolution, resilience, and dedication from a true friend like YOU. Our vision is to continue innovating better ways to meet the needs of the children and families in our community.

Over 1,600 children came through our doors this year, and we launched two new programs, but we can’t stop there. Our goal is to raise $175,000 to continue providing the best care, essential treatment, and resources, giving children and families a thriving environment to heal and enrich their lives.

We don’t serve “most” children - we serve the children who need it the most, caring for the most vulnerable children in our community. We’ve never wavered from our promise to give children a childhood, and with a friend like YOU who shares our vision of a promising future and believes in our mission, we will continue to do so for the next 150 years. Your friendship and gift are genuinely appreciated.


A Vision with Action Can Change Lives

The Child's Promise Campaign acknowledges that ALL children have the potential to succeed. Your support ensures they receive the best care and resources, providing the framework for trauma recovery while strengthening families in our communities. Help secure the next 150 years with your gift!

  • $300 – Provides 15 duffel bags, ten cans of baby formula, or four car seats for Foster Care children.
  • $500 – Helps to feed a family of four for two weeks or can provide a bunk bed and mattresses. (Over 60 bed frames and 120 mattresses were purchased for families this year.)
  • $1,000 – Gives the love of reading and science! Provides 100 Scholastic Books for Kids or five microscopes for the classroom.
  • $2,500 – Supports two youths aging out of care by providing resources like security deposits, furnishings, and access to transportation.
  • $5,000 – Provides room & board for a college student or sends 73 children to Lego Land!
  • $7,500 – Provides 300 children with a $25 birthday gift card or replaces two Smart Boards in the classroom.

Why Support The House?

For 150 years, The House has provided round-the-clock care to children and families in our community. Their well-being is vital to the success of our society. In addition to meeting the needs of children and families this year, we are focusing on resources to implement programmatic changes conducive to the ever-changing child welfare landscape and continue our work.

Establishing new revenue streams solidifies a thriving environment, guaranteeing the best care is available for children and families to flourish in our community for generations to come. By contributing, YOU are investing in the community and in children’s futures!

Our community is blessed to have The HOUSE operating for 150 years! So many children’s lives have been saved and enhanced by the great work they continue to do. We believe in their mission and have been proud supporters for almost 30 years.


~ Gary Scalzo, President and Steve Zogby,
Vice President of Scalzo, Zogby & Wittig, Inc.