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A Child's Promise Annual Campaign

When you contribute to this year's Child's Promise Annual Campaign, you make an arduous journey a bit easier to travel. Children often enter our care under stressful situations, which makes creating comforting spaces so central in the healing process. Updates to our existing social areas and visitation rooms will have a powerful impact on behavior and allow a safe haven where children and families learn coping and social skills.

You help us provide the best resources by supporting the Child's Promise Annual Campaign. Because of your generosity and caring, you give hope for a promising future to hundreds of children and families each year. The House of the Good Shepherd is committed to providing the highest standard of childcare while focusing on strengthening the whole family. Improvements to campus are necessary to maximize family visitation opportunities and offer a home-like environment for the children during their time here. You are helping children, like Lucy, to be courageous and optimistic.

Child's Promise - One Child's Journey

Lucy arrived at The House of the Good Shepherd after spending much of her youth in the Foster Care system. The 13-year-old's relationship with her parents was strained and filled with conflict. She came to The House angry, depressed, and in need of treatment. She lashed out at kids and staff. She often turned to self-harm to deal with conflicts.

The House was able to help Lucy start the healing process. She began trusting the staff as we helped bridge a healthier relationship with Lucy and her parents. As Lucy committed to her academic school work, she allowed other kids to become her friend. Her aggression subdued, and she focused on learning. Lucy currently attends Tilton School and continues to improve.

Lucy is getting healthy. She's happier, and is looking forward to a brighter future!

Your gift to the Child’s Promise Annual Campaign is 100% tax-deductible. Please contact your financial advisor for specific tax-deduction information.

Your gift is appreciated. Please donate today to make a difference in a child's life.
On behalf of all the children and families at The House, thank you!