The House has been changing children's lives since 1872.

Soaring to New Heights

Our Youth Empowerment Program is a vital part of our continuum of care for vulnerable children at The House of the Good Shepherd, providing an incredible journey that reaches beyond perceived barriers and lets aspirations take flight. In this program, youth find guidance and support through mentorship, education, skill development, community engagement, and more.

Your donation to this year’s Child’s Promise Campaign will make an indelible impact, helping marginalized youth break free from the cycle of vulnerability
while discovering their unique talents, passions, and dreams. Our goal is to raise $180,000, with every dollar becoming an investment in a brighter, more
inclusive, and prosperous future for children and families in our community.

Together, we can ensure that all children at The House have the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to heal, grow, and enrich their lives for
a fulfilling future.


Unleashing Potential: The Ripple Effect of Youth Empowerment

First and foremost, the goal of The House of the Good Shepherd’s Youth Empowerment Program is to authentically engage and empower vulnerable children for a better future. We provide them with the resources, opportunities, and skills they need to take control of their lives, make informed decisions, and break through barriers.

Youth Empowerment Programs also offer a wide range of benefits to our community, contributing to its overall well-being and development:

  1. Increased Education Attainment: Empowerment programs encourage educational success and create a culture of learning. As youth achieve better educational outcomes, they become a part of a more skilled and knowledgeable workforce.
  2. Enhanced Employment Opportunities: By equipping young people with valuable skills and knowledge, we enhance their employability. This, in turn, reduces unemployment rates.
  3. Reduced Crime Rates: Engaging youth in productive activities and providing them with a sense of purpose can deter them from engaging in detrimental behaviors, ultimately contributing to lower crime rates.
  4. Health and Well-being: With a focus on emotional, physical, and behavioral health and wellness components, the result is healthier youth and, by extension, a healthier community.

Your donation in support of this year’s Child’s Promise Campaign is an investment in the future!

The Only Way is Up! Eli's Story

A struggle with following the rules landed Eli in some trouble with law enforcement. Since participating in our Raise the Age program, he has made significant progress. He has been able to develop trusting relationships with staff and peers and has reported feeling a sense of community and belonging. Eli has gone on to get his GED and land a job–all to help support his family.


"We always wanted to give kids a fighting chance to believe a brighter future is imaginable! Investing in the children’s future will provide them with a happier and more fulfilling life"
~ Donna Lynch, Chip Lynch Brighter Future Fund