History Timeline

The House of the Good Shepherd started when a small group of concerned men and women gathered on February 8, 1872 to discuss the growing number of orphans and the disruption of family life during the post-Civil War period. Since then, The House of the Good Shepherd has grown and evolved into a Sanctuary certified institution - less than 50 in the world. The House continues its historical commitment to address the needs of children, their families and the community.

Important dates in our history:

February 1872 - A group of citizens established an asylum for children that provided a temporary and permanent shelter for the "friendless, neglected and destitute."

May 1873 - The House opened its doors to two children and a matron on May 11, 1873 at a rented house in Utica, New York.

September 1904 - An impressive three-story structure was built at 1700 Genesee Street on property donated by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Proctor.

1958 - The House decided to add social service programs after identifying a change in the community and the growing numbers of children who were struggling with serious emotional and social problems. This prompted the purchase of an eight-acre tract of land on Champlin Avenue in Utica, where four cottages and a multi-service building with treatment rooms, a gym, and administrative space were built.

1966 - The House established a group home off campus.

1972 - The House added a Specialized Foster Home Program.

1975 - The House established a Day Services Program to provide another alternative to campus living.

1980s - The House extended the focus of treatment to the campus school program.

1990 - The Therapeutic Foster Care Program in Watertown, New York was opened to serve Jefferson, St. Lawrence, and Lewis Counties was opened.

1995 - A Residential Treatment Facility - The Schafer Residence- was established. In the same year, The House earned agency-wide Joint Commission accreditation.

2008 - The House received a three-year grant effective April 2008 to participate in the Sanctuary Leadership Development Institute

February 2012 - The House of the Good Shepherd received its Sanctuary Certification from the Sanctuary Institute in Yonkers, New York.

For more information on the history of The House, please call 315.235.7600 or email us at info@hgs-utica.com.