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Meet Sara

Boy smiling.I had always wondered about the scars all over my body. It wasn't until I was older that I finally found out that I got all of them in my first year of life. I am now in foster care and live with a great family. Thankfully, I do not remember what happened to me as a child, but throughout the years I have uncovered the truth after talking to my foster parents and reading through my files.

My mother used to slap me hard when I did something that was wrong or annoyed her. In one of the pieces of paper that I have, it recalls my father saying that my mom hit me repeatedly because I wouldn't stop crying. Another time, she had been caught by my grandmother, shaking me because I was crying. My grandmother warned her to stop because it was causing my neck to violently swing side-to-side; she continued to do it. Later that month, she "accidently" dropped me causing me to have a seizure, and I was rushed to the hospital. Even though the doctors said I had a serious blow to the head, they found no damage to the brain or skull. The following week I had another "fall." This time, the doctors found that I had suffered a subdural hemorrhage. I had to have my head drained of the fluid, and they had to shave my hair. It caused a large scar on my head. Apparently, I had bruises all over my head, legs, arms and stomach.

Child and Family Services temporarily removed me from my house but were unable to find evidence to prove that my mother had been the cause of these wounds. So I was placed back with her.

My sister was born shortly after this, and she was put in the "at risk" list. A week later a couple of social workers visited my parents to monitor and assess their parenting skills. The results were bad, and I was taken from them. My sister was left with them temporarily, but it wasn't long until she was taken from them as well.

Thankfully, we were both put into foster care, and we are both much better off now. Due to my hemorrhages, I suffered brain damage; it has taken me a lot longer to read and write. I still have occasional seizures. Learning of the details of my abuse has been traumatizing for me, but knowing that I have a safe place to live now and that my sister did not have to endure this same abuse makes me feel better. I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for The House of the Good Shepherd.