“A year ago I couldn’t get my son to go to school. He would become physically ill at just the mention of school,” said Jake’s mother, Sheri. “Now he comes home and tells me he had a great day and shows me all of his good grades! HGS has given him confidence and self-esteem that he never had before.”

Jake is a 12-year-old Tilton School student at The House of the Good Shepherd. He loves to sing and to play the saxophone, clarinet, and drums. His future goals include becoming a professional singer.

Jake said, “The Music Program at The House of the Good Shepherd has made me happy. It has made me realize that I am worth something as a person. I used to hate going to school, but now I love coming to school because I have found myself surrounded by safety in music. Thank you, Mrs. Dunn, for pushing me to realize what I’m capable of.”

On the evening of February 15, Jake showed a full auditorium just what he’s capable of doing – belting out The National Anthem before a Utica College hockey game. Jake and Mrs. Dunn worked for weeks on this rendition of the song, and when the time came, Jake confidently walked out onto that ice and sang to a cheering crowd!

His mom, Sheri said, “He aced it! Jake has never been more excited or motivated to work this hard at something, but since joining Tilton School’s music program, he has been completely dedicated to being the best he can be. He has become a lead vocalist for the school’s Shepherd Singers. And incredibly, Jake will soon head into a local recording studio soon to record a professional song.

“I don’t think that Mrs. Dunn or the staff realize what an impact they have had on Jake. They have given him the attention and praise he has so craved and needed, and finally, he has found a place that he can be himself and become everything he has always wanted to be. We are both extremely grateful to be a part of this amazing place.”

Follow The House of the Good Shepherd’s YouTube channel for the premiere of Jake’s first professional single next month!

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