Max the Therapy Dog

Max is Tilton School’s newest Therapy-Dog-in-Training! He is owned by School Social Worker, Ms. Pavlicek and is currently attending Canine Sports Unlimited in Whitesboro, where he will receive his Canine Good Citizen Certitifcate whin a few months. From there, he will continue with additional training to pass the TDI test to become a certified therapy dog.

At this time, he attends Tilton school a couple of days each week to become acclimated to the environment and socialize. Max is currently assists during individual therapeutic sessions and also supports managing emotional needs of the students. Max is working wonders, as eyewitness Student Support Speciliast, Mr. Fay told us today:

“Today, a student, Ethan, walked out of class then proceeded to walk right out of school. He was very calm, but his expression said otherwise. He was, in fact, quite upset. He walked around the building towards the playground where Mrs. Pavlicek and Max were with another student. Ethan walked right by, not noticing the dog. Max sensed something wrong and stood up, then barked twice to get Ethan’s attention. At that moment, Ethan walked over to Max and sat on the grass next to him. Max began to lick him and charm Ethan to pet him. It was incredible to see this young man’s demeanor change so instantly! With just a few snuggles and licks from Max, Ethan was comforted and able to return to his classroom. Way to go, MAX!”

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