Current Funds That Directly Benefit Children

Chip & Donna Lynch Brighter Future Fund – Provides financial support for higher education, vocational classes, and technical training. Don & Eddie Carbone Potential Meets Possibilities Fund – Provides resources to bridge the financial gap so youth can maximize their aptitude. Spirit of Josh Fund & Voss Fund – Gives children a chance to beContinue reading →

Payroll Deduction Gifts

A gift through payroll deduction is an easy way to give and one you might not have considered. Generous gifts at any level help children at The House. Many supporters donate $2 a paycheck. For less than a candy bar, that dollar power provided resources for the children to thrive.

Create Your Own Fund

Establishing a fund that reflects a cause that is important to you and helps children gives you the advantage of an immediate tax deduction and the opportunity for you and other donors to contribute. Funds created have a minimum gift amount.

Matching Opportunities

We are grateful for your donations if you would like to get others involved in matching donations to help support a campaign and double or even triple donations. request a matching gift form.

Planned Giving

A planned gift is a generous way to remember The House. Planned gifts are major gifts made in a donor? s lifetime or at death as part of financial or estate planning.