Foster Care

It's easy. It's rewarding. It's life changing.

Give a child and a family a chance for success.

As a foster parent with The House of the Good Shepherd, you can be the turning point in a child's life. Teach a child and family that they have the strength they never thought was possible. Experience the rewards of becoming a foster parent.


Children's Stories

Meet Santana and other children whose lives have been changed at the house >>

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Everyday I am being prepared for obstacles that will come my way and guided along the path that I was meant to take. Because I was placed into The House of the Good Shepherd I have had choices of how I want to live my life.

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The Shepherd Singers

Hark! Now Hear the Shepherds Sing!

As six of the Shepherd Singers walked in to the building their eyes grew wide with anticipation. They saw head sets, microphones, and a golden drum set behind a giant glass window.  An entire wall of buttons, switches and levers looked intimidating as the lights on the switchboard lit up....

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All I Want For Christmas is My One Front Tooth!

Anyone would agree that Matthew is a very charming, charismatic, and sharp young man. Matthew's personal style is a major component of who he is and the image he projects to people. He has always taken a special pride in his appearance and loves to get complimented for his handsome...

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