The House has been changing children's lives since 1872.

Our Generous Supporters

Because of YOU, our Together We Are Essential campaign and Virtual Auction raised over $185,000 to benefit the children and families served by The House of the Good Shepherd. During these unprecedented times, YOU instinctively grasped the needs of our children and families. The campaign does more than fund a particular project or program; it fills real needs in real-time, giving them a fighting chance at a promising future.

The House is a safe haven for so many. Domestic violence, child abuse, and poverty in our community are increasing. When an invested friend like you believes in our mission, your generosity helps children and families move beyond their trauma and start the healing process. For many, The House is truly the only place that can meet their individual needs. You make it possible to continue our work uninterrupted and provide the best care every day - please know your gift is priceless.

The hurdles we all face today due to COVID-19 and civic unrest have presented us with immense challenges, but together we are making our community stronger and helping those in need. We will continue our efforts to enhance vital programs and support systems and provide necessities like food, healthcare, and shelter. We genuinely appreciate your friendship and for caring about the children and families at The House.

On behalf of the children, families, staff, and board, we thank you!


Thank You To ALL Our 2020 Supporters!

Ms. Margaret Abbott

Mr. C. Louis Abelove Esq.

Adirondack Financial Services

Adirondack Gateway Campground and Lodge

Larry and Barbara Adler

Robert and Judith Agedal

Mr. Louis Aiello

Dr. Mark Ainsworth

Alexandra G. Kogut Memorial Fund

Alfred & Elizabeth Duffy Fund

David and Ann Allen

Debbie and Jack Altdoerffer

Ms. Denise Ambrosi

American Heart Association

American Legion Utica Post #230

Dr. Jennifer Carbone Zuccaro and Mr. Rick Zuccaro

Ms. Patti Anderson

Ms. Eleanor Angell

Jeff & Lisa Anweiler

ASMC Leatherstocking Chapter

Ms. Sueann Aurigema

Avico Distributing, Inc.

Ms. Dawn Baker

Mr. Rick Baldwin

Rabbi & Mrs. Henry Bamberger

Bank of America Foundation

Mike and Carol Bannigan

Robert and Maureen Bannigan

Ms. Dawn Bard

Matt and Madeline Barlow

Mr. Michael Barretta

Louis and Celia Bartholomew

Mr. Andrew Bartnick

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony and Janice Bartolotti

Mr. Frank Basile

Basloe, Levin & Cuccaro/Adjusters International

Mr. Nate Bauer

Deborah and Phillip Beardsley

Carmann Bendetto

Sam and Laine Berardino III

Maksim Berkovich

Mr. Gregory Bertolini

Ms. Nicole Betro

Ms. Leila "Lee" Bjornland

Ms. Sarah Bjornland

Ms. Maureen Black

Ms. Lisa Blanchfield

Dean and Constance Blask

Drs. Sidney and Susan Blatt

Mr. Matthew Bonds

Ms. Angela Bono

Ms. Joanne Bonvicino

Boots Brewing Company Inc.

Christine Bord

Timothy and Elaine Borza

Borza's Recreation Center, Inc.

Andrew and Laura Boyd

Robert and Donielle Bradley

Ms. Jill Breckel

Mrs. Lyla Brisk

Ms. Maria Brodzik

Mr. Michael Brooks

Richard Brown

Brown & Associates CPA PC

Bruce C. & Eleanor H. McLean Fund

Mr. William Bryant

Ms. Suzanne Bryere

Buckingham Properties

John and Nancy Buffa

Mr. Timothy Bullock

Mr. Paul Bunnelle

Mr. John C. Burnett

Ms. Lindsay Burnop

Ms. Elaina Burrell

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Bussey

Michael and Monica Buttimer

Bob and Mary Byrd

Harry and Nancy Call

Ms. Amanda Cameron

Camesano Dentistry PLLC

Mr. Michael Campanaro

Jack and Veronica Capponi

Mr. Martin Capra

Virginia Caramadre

Don and Edie Carbone

Enessa Carbone & Sal Raspante

Malio and Dorothy Cardarelli

Mrs. Nancy Carey

Car-Freshner Corporation

Ms. Lynn Carney

Ms. Maria Carucci

Ms. Jolene Casatelli

Dr. & Mrs. Edward Casper

Ms. Susan Cavo

Ms. Christina Cavoretto

Celia Construction Inc.

Rick and Dolores Chainey

Mrs. Carol Chanatry

Mark and Kristin Chanatry

Charles Henry Ide & Georgiana Roberts Ide Fund

Chittenango Lions Club

Mrs. Debie Chlus

Ms. Mary Christiansen

Andrew and Eleanor Cioffi & Family

Richard and Diane Clark

David Christopher and Linda Clark

Clark Family Fund

Ms. Colleen Clarke

Jim and Margaret Clifford

CNY Awards & Apparel Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Cochi

Mrs. Barbara Cohanski

Ms. Jan B. Colangelo

Mrs. Mary Ann Collins

John and Marge Collis

Nan and David Conney

Mark and Kim Connors

Mr. & Mrs. John Connors

Ms. Mary Conte

Mrs. Candace Cook

Francis Coots

Joe and Linda Cosco

Ms. Lucille Costello

Patrick and Marie Costello

Ms. Anne Coughlin

Mrs. Katharine Countryman

COVID-19 Response Fund

Gary and Suzanne Craft

Ms. Diane Craven

Ms. Dana Crisino

Ms. Joanne Crowe

Sharon and Tim Crowe

Ms. Martha Culan

Ms. Mary Nell Cummings

Ms. Lynette Cunningham

Dennis and Jill Cunningham

John and Kim Curtis

Mrs. Barbara Dam

Guy and Mary Danella

Ms. Marlene Davis

Mr. David Day and Players

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome De Mauro

Mr. Dominick DeAngelo

Roland and Lynda DeCarlo

Joseph and Johann DeCicco

Mr. Anthony Defelice

John and Carol Defrancesco

Ms. Suzanne DeLaire

Ms. Rita Delia

Mr. Robert Dell

Alan and Karen Delmedico

Carrie and Richard DeProspero

Aldo DiCuffa

Mr. Charles Dittrich

Thomas and Theresa Dolan

Dollar Club-HGS Staff

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Donalty

Ms. Roni Donatello

Ms. Esther Donnenwirth

Mark and Kathy Donovan

Arthur Doremus

Brian and Dana Dornburgh

Ms. Gabrielle Doty

Ms. Cindy Downing

Rev. Paul Drobin

Ms. Catherine Duncan

Ms. Karina Dunn

Brendan and Michele Dunn

Ms. Dana Dutton

Eannace Funeral Home Inc.

East Utica Optimist Club

Mrs. Mary Eggan

Keith A. Eisenhut Esq. Eisenhut

Emmanuel House of Prayer

Empire Recycling Fund

Ms. Rita Entwistle

Charles and Jane Ernst

Mr. Shawn Essafi

Mr. William Evans III

Evergreen Suite

Dr. Jorge Falero

Rick and Deborah Falvo

Lou and Kristen Falvo III

James and Brenda Fancett

George and Nicola Fanelli

Mr. Sean Farrell

Mr. Justin Farrier

Mr. Kevin Fatata

Ms. Catherine Fauss

Keith and Cara Fenstemacher

Mr. Joseph Fiore

Mr. Paul Fiore

Fire-Fighting Equipment Co., Inc.

First Choice Group CNY Inc.

First Source Federal Credit Union

Ms. Martha Fischer

Ms. Ann Foley

Ms. Kathleen Fonda

Roger and Paula Fontana

Mr. George Force

Christopher and Patricia Fox

Jon and Nancy Fradenburg

Joe Fiore Children's Music Fund

Mrs. Bettylou Frye

FSS Group, Inc.

Ms. Kathleen Furlong

FX Caprara Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Gabriel, Joseph and Lila Mandour Karam Fund

Ms. Peggy Gadziala

Dr. Brian Gaffney

Mrs. Janice Gaffney

Mrs. Marianne Gaige

Mr. William Galarneau

Honorable & Mr. Erin P. Gall and Mr. William Gall

Mrs. Barbara Garrison

Howard and Joyce Gelbsman

Mrs. Donna Gentile

Charles and Lynne George

Robert and Susan Gibbs

Mrs. Gale Gilbert

Gary and Pat Gildersleeve

Bill and Susanne Girvan

Good Morning Rentals, LLC

Ms. Barbara Goodman

Dr. William Graber and Team

Kurt and Kerry Gradel

Mrs. Lisa Grande

John and Theresa Graniero

Gary and Laurene Grates

Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce

Ms. Suzanne Green

Mrs. Mary Carole Griffin

Mr. Vincent Grove


Steve and Beth Guzski

Ms. Judy Hajec

David and Patricia Hamlin

Robert and Patricia Hanft

Keith and Karen Harrigan

David and Linda Hart

Ms. Gena Hasburgh

Tommy and Amy Haver

Nash Hayes

Dr. Cory Heilmann

Christian and Cheryl Heilmann

Paul and Patty Heintz

Paul and Bridget Hernon

Dr. & Mrs. Hartwell Herring

Ms. Cindy Hert

Donald and Zoe Hicks

Ms. Gabrielle Higgins

Mrs. Gladys Higgins

Hill & Markes, Inc.

Kirk and Linda Hinman

Ms. Ann Hobert-Pritchard

Jim and Mary Hogel

Eileen R Hooks

John and Rosa Hosp

Elizabeth and Peter Hotvedt

Ms. Nancy Houseman

Mrs. Deborah Hubbard

Mr. William Hugo

Hummel's Office Plus

James Humphrey

Michael Humphrey

Jack Kunkel's Revolutionary Wellness

Dana and Catherine Jerrard


JOH Kids 360 Charity

John B. & Margaret T. Stetson Fund

John Froass And Son, Inc.

Ms. Audrey Johnson

Ms. Michelle Jones

Ms. Sarah Jones

Mr. Jay Jonza

Joseph & Inez E. Carbone Foundation

JPriore Construction Company Inc.

Harold and Joanne Julian

William and MaryAnne Kahler

Ms. Rita Kaido

Arul and Gina Kannan

Gary and Janice Kapps

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Kaye

Ms. Elizabeth Kearns

Ms. Jody Kehl

Mr. & Mrs. Terence and Alice Kehoe


Christopher and Veronica Kelly

Mr. Michael Kershaw

Key Bank

J.P. and Christina Kidwell

Mr. Robin Kinnel

Ms. Annmarie Kinsella

Mr. & Mrs. James Kirkpatrick

Mr. & Mrs. Murray Kirshtein

Michael and Christina Klar

Mr. Harold Klein

John and Joan Klossner

Dr. & Mrs. Patrick Knapp

Ms. Shirley Knop

Ms. Diana Koury

Ms. Elizabeth Kozminski

Mr. Roger Kramer

Carl and Lidia Krasniak

Kris Kratky

George and Pinny Kuckel

Ms. Maria Lahman

Ms. Dina Laino

Mr. Bob Lalli

Mrs. Mary Lou Lally

Lamberto Opticians

Arnold and Linda Lanckton

Ms. Jessica Landau Walpert

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Laria

Arthur and Caroline Lawrence

Ms. Amy Lefevre

Ms. Ashlee Leitz

Scott and Nicole Lichorowic

Mr. Michael Littlewood

Bill Locke

Joe and Michele Longo

Sal and Kathleen Longo

Mr. Gary Luther

John and Melissa Lynch

Ms. Christine Macbeth-Rivers

Mr. Chet Manchester

Mrs. Barbara Mandia

Dr. & Mrs. W. Anthony Mandour

Douglas and Theresa Manning

Martha L. McCoy & Patrick L. Scully Charitable Fund

Mrs. Joan Massoud

Mrs. Mora Massoud-Tastor

Ms. Krista Mastroianni

Ms. Rosemary Mastroianni

Susan and Nicholas Matt

Matt Funeral Services, Inc.

Michael and Dee Dee Maugeri

Mauros Glass

Mrs. Melva Max

Albert and Elinor Mazloom

Ms. Karen Mazza

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel McAuliffe Jr.

Ms. Erin McCarthy

Mrs. Lorraine McGovern

Mr. Steve McMurray

Mr. William Medwid

Betty and John Meehan

Meelan's Carpet One Floor & Home

Michael and  Lisa Melara

Mele Family Fund

Ms. Kim Meola

Mr. Mark Meyer

Ms. Anna Marie Miazga

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Migdalen

Mr. Bill Militello

Ms. Sara Militello

Mr. Charles Millar

Ms. Donna Millett-Hans

Mr. & Mrs. John Miniera

George and Jackie Mitchell

Mohawk Global Logistics

Mohawk Healthcare

Ms. Christine Morgan

Debbie Morgan

Ms. Patricia Morgan

Ms. Marie Morosco

Ms. Mary F. Moylan

Mr. & Mrs. Bohdan Muzytchuk


National Grid

Network for Good

Nicholas Meat, LLC

Ms. Pauline Nicotera

Ms. Sara Nobis

Ms. Patricia Noonan

Mrs. Mary Jayne Norris

Northwestern Mutual Foundation

Mrs. Beatrice Nunno

NYS Correctional Officers & Police Benevolent Association

Mrs. Marie Oastler

Mrs. Angela Obernesser

Ms. Mary Lourdes Obernesser

Oneida County Workforce Development

Oneida Indian Nation

Mr. Robert O'Neil

Paul and Debra O'Neil

Mr. Gerald Orsaeo

Mr. Stephen Orsino

Mr. & Mrs. Stan Ossowski

Ms. Karen Ostinett

Mrs. Janet O'Toole

Mr. Daniel O'Tooley

Our Lady of the Rosary Church

Mr. Jeffrey Owen

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Owens

Ms. Barbara Pacilio

Packy's Pub

Mr. Anel Pajazetovic

Ms. Grace Panetti

Barbara and Ed Paparella

Francis and Annette Paparella

Ms. Sue Pardee

Brandon and Shannon Partenza

Mr. Ronald Passafaro

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Passante Jr.

Alan and Elizabeth Pattengill

Ms. Bianca Pavia

Robert and Joan Payne Jr.

Ms. Karla Pedulla

Mr. Anthony Pellegrino Jr.

Ms. Rebecca Peppperine

Ms. Deena Pers

Petrone Risk

Clinton and Margaret Pinkham

Ms. Karen Pirnie

Jerry and Carrie Plows

Polish Community Home, Inc.

Pratt Whitney HMI Metal Powders

Ms. Joann Putnam

R.J. LaBella Consulting LLC

Ms. Laurie Radell

Donna and Dana Rauscher

Ms. Carmelita Raymer

Bill and Karen Read

Mr. Earle C. Reed

Tim and Cynthia Reed Sr.

Ms. Eileen Rehm

Ms. Susan Reittinger

Mrs. Joanne Reitz

Mr. & Mrs. William Rhoades

Ms. Mary Lou Ricci

Rising Phoenix Fund

Mr. George Robertaccio

Frank and Marilyn Robertaccio

Ms. Lynne Roberts

Roberts Construction & Container Service Inc.

Bob and Michele Roberts III

Ms. Gloria Robinson

Ms. Lacey Rocker

Mr. F. Eugene Romano

Ronald & Sheila Cuccaro Family Fund

Ms. Judith Rosato

Ms. Susan Rosato-Reale

Robert and Joanne Roselli

Mr. Tyler Roselli

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Rosenblum

Mr. Walter Rosendale

Neal and Barbara Rothfuss

Mr. Eric Rowan

Mr. Francis Roy

Ms. Mary Ruckel

Ms. Maria Ruggiero

Ms. Robin Rushbrook

Dr. & Mrs. William Ryan

Lennon & Company Jewelers Inc

Mrs. Mary Salamone

Mrs. Michele Salamy Anderson

Dr. Kishor Sangani

Sangertown Square Mall

Saunders Kahler, L.L.P.

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Scharf

Edward and Robyn Schmidt

Liz Schmitt

Ms. Barbara Schram

Schuyler Commons Resident Association

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Scott


George and Mary Serour

Mrs. Gloria Shaheen

Ms. Renee Shaheen

Mr. Richard Sherman

Mr. Kenneth Shilkret

Mr. William Shippee

Rick and Wendy Short

Dr. & Mrs. George Shurtleff

Mrs. Mary Sigmund

Jack and Michele Silvestri

Sisters of St. Joseph

Ms. Lorrie Smalls

Fred and Stephanie Smith

Ms. Kate Smith

Ms. Mary Ann Smith

Ms. Robin Smith

Richard and Judi Smith

Tim and Carol Solan

Ms. Heidi Spado

Mr. Anthony Spatto

Ms. Sadieann Spears

Ms. Jane Spellman

Spirit of Josh Recreation Fund

Mr. JT Sprock

Ms. Lisa Sroka

Terry and Ann Stedman

Tracy and Richard Stein

Ms. Bonnie Stewart

Stewart's Ice Cream Company Inc.

Mark and Barbara Sumner

Sunset  Wood Apartments

James and Kimberly Suriano

Ms. Jenny Swain

Mr. Thomas Sweeney D.D.S.

Ms. Susan Sweetland

Mrs. Trudy Szczesniak

Ms. Fran Taylor

David and  Barbara Tebsherany

Ms. Kathleen Tehan

Ms. Mary Teti

Teugega Country Club & Members

The Arlotto Family

The Francis W. Darling Memorial Fund

The Lanterns

The Mum Farm

The Phoenician Restaurant

The Taft Family Fund

The Yang Foundation

Ms. Kristine Theodorakos

Mr. David Tinkham

Tioga Construction Companies Inc.

Mr. Stephen Tomaino

David and Anne Tomidy

Ms. Marianne Turczyn

Ms. Sonya Tutty

Mr. Stephen Tyler

United Methodist Women

United Way of the Valley & Greater Utica Area, Inc.

Utica National Group Foundation, Inc.

Dr. & Mrs. Vincent Vaccaro

Mr. & Mrs. David Valentine

Mike and Anne Van Strander

Ms. Priscilla Van Wynsberghe

Donald and Lisa VanArsdale

Ms. Carrie Vanhatten

Jon and Arifa Velletto

Ms. Heidi Vernold

Vernon-Verona-Sherrill Rotary Club


Ms. Judith Vicks Sweet

Vision Partners Ltd

Mr. Charles Vivacqua

Ms. Toni Vollmer

Mr. & Mrs. John Walchusky

William and Bonnie Waldron

Mr. James Wallace Jr.

James and Loretta Wasielewski

Ms. Tamara Watson

Ms. Jean Weeks

Mr. Richard Welchons

Mark and Susan Wengert

George and Cynthia Whitton

Ms. Dawn Williams

Kasey Williams

Ms. Deborah Wilson-Allam

Ms. Debra Winfield Morse

Witte Plumbing & Heating, Inc

Bill and Mary Wolf

Bonnie and Darren Woods

Mr. Dave Woolston

Danny and Viyada Young

Cindy Yount

Jennifer Zalatan

Paul and Marybeth Zalewski

Joel and Eileen Zayachek

Mr. Charles Zbytniewski

Ms. Kristi Zbytniewski

Ms. Linda Zee

Ms. Genie Zoller

Dr. & Mrs. Allen Zuck

David and Christine Zumpano

Dick and Carol Zweifel