This is us. We are the Child Care Workers on the front line working 24/7 to make sure that children are safe; that they don’t feel the emptiness of neglect or the loneliness of abandonment. We are here.

This is us. We are the Nurses who worry that our kiddos stay healthy. We ensure that they remember their medications, and we bandage scrapes and bruises. When they hurt, we hurt. We are here.

This is us. We are the Teachers who still come to work. Change is noticeable in our empty classrooms, where we sit and conduct classes without the face-to-face. This change is hard on us, but we know that it is even harder for our students, and so we remain a constant. We are here.

This is us. We are the Therapists who don masks to engage our kids in a range of exercises and conversations because we know that this pandemic is yet another traumatic experience that they must deal with. We are here.

This is us. We are a united multi-functional staff from Foster Care Workers to Maintenance, from Direct Care Workers to Social Workers, from Human Resources to Health Care Managers. We are more than co-workers, we are family. We struggle, we disagree, we laugh, we care, we share similar values. We are strong together. We are HGS Strong.