It's Foster Care Month! Meet Primary Therapist, Susan Sweetland, LMSW

What is your Job title? 

I am a Licensed Master Social Worker, and my HGS job title is Primary Therapist.

What is it exactly that you do?  

As a treatment team member, my primary responsibilities are to provide psychosocial assessments, treatment plans, and other routine incident-based documentation. I engage children and families in trauma-informed therapy, attend meetings and coordinate with other involved parties, such as DFCS, birth and foster parents, schools, medical providers, and courts.

What is your favorite part about your Job? 

Play therapy. Most young children are intuitive, curious, and joyful by nature. There are many challenges to working with children, but the rewards are extraordinary.

What is a success story that you can remember that made you feel accomplished in your role? 

Helping children develop the ability to express their thoughts, feelings, and self-advocating. It makes me feel that I am making a positive difference in their lives.