A Bittersweet Moment

Residential Staff and Tilton School had a bittersweet weekend when they said goodbye to a young man who touched everyone's hearts. Twelve-year-old David moved on from The House to his forever home with his pre-adoptive parents, Will and Alexis, and their family! This was achieved through an ICPC (interstate compact of the placement of children).

D Cottage staff celebrated his adoption throughout his last week in placement with his favorite meals; a pizza and wings night, a sesame chicken night, and a make-your-own-sundae night. Case Planner Becky Misencik reached out to David's biological family and arranged for his grandparents and siblings to come the morning he was leaving so they could visit. This was such a special moment for all of them.

"It was a great morning and very rewarding to see how this process began, and I wanted to be here to see the end result. It was truly amazing and well worth all the hard work." – Becky Misencik

The morning David left, he and Becky stood near his room and all his belongings as he looked around and then looked and said, "Ms. Becky do you think all my stuff is going to fit in Will and Alexis' car?" Becky then turned to him and said, "I know it will, David!"

Staff had mixed emotions since they found out the ICPC was approved - they knew it meant saying goodbye. They were sad to see him go but so happy for David and his new family. During the year-long process, Becky explained to David that everything happens for a reason and at the right time. This family is perfectly suited for David, and he is perfectly suited for them. We wish David the best of luck in his new home with his adopted family. A huge shoutout to Becky and the adoption team that helped David find his forever home. Congratulations, David, you will be missed!