It's Foster Care Month! Meet Foster Family Specialist, Brooke Terrier

What is your Job title?

Foster Family Specialist

What is it exactly that you do? 

My job is to place children that are removed from their homes into a fitting certified foster home. I am one of the trainers here that train new prospective foster parents, and I open certified kinship homes for children who can stay with family members or friends rather than be placed in one of our certified homes.

What is your favorite part about your Job?

My favorite part about my job is meeting new people whenever I get to open new kinship homes! I love building up new relationships with these families and helping them feel comfortable and at ease in such a new hectic part of their lives.

What is a success story that you can remember that made you feel accomplished in your role?

In this role, success stories are not as common as we don't usually see the children's total time in care and know the results. A success story for me would just be opening up foster homes to have more options for more fitting homes for children!