It's Foster Care Month! Meet Kinship Permanency Specialist, Max Coe

What is your Job title?

Kinship Permanency Specialist

What is it exactly that you do? 

We look for potential kin resources (relatives, family friends, community resources, etc.) to become approved foster homes for children in care. We also work closely with the county to exhaust all efforts in looking for potential kinship resources.

What is your favorite part about your Job?

Helping children reunite with family resources.

What is a success story that you can remember that made you feel accomplished in your role?

My coworker and I helped a sibling set of 4 be able to stay with their Aunt and Uncle under kinship foster care. Time was not on our side in this particular situation, and we were able to get the necessary paperwork complete and check the home's safety to have these children be with their Aunt and Uncle that night. The children were very excited and happy. The Aunt and Uncle of these children were highly appreciative of the effort we put in to make this happen. This situation made me feel accomplished in my role, to know that I was putting these children in a safe and loving environment where everyone was benefiting and happy.