It's Foster Care Month! Meet Foster Care Clinical Manager, Michele Lasher, LMSW

What is your Job title? 

Foster Care Clinical Manager

What is it exactly that you do?  

As the clinical manager in the foster care program, I oversee the clinical operations to ensure that trauma-informed and strength-based approaches are incorporated in the treatment planning process. I attend treatment team meetings to ensure that treatment interventions are attainable and are client/family-centered, based on the needs of the child/family. I ensure that clinicians are educated and implement clinical treatment strategies identified in treatment plan methods and recommendations. I am a member of the Sanctuary CORE team and ensure that the commitments to Sanctuary are used as a guide for treatment planning. I am also assigned clients and provide individual therapy sessions for those assigned clients. Lastly, I supervise two youth empowerment specialists, a birth parent support specialist, and MSW interns.

What is your favorite part about your Job? 

(Regarding the Clinical Manager position) - My favorite part is engaging clinicians through professional development/education and ensuring effective and quality services for our children and families.

(Regarding providing individual therapy) - Being able to empower children by working one/one with them, helping them process through their trauma, and gaining insight into how their trauma impacts decision making; helping them achieve the necessary coping skills and life skills that will assist them in making positive decisions themselves.

What is a success story that you can remember that made you feel accomplished in your role? 

(Regarding the Clinical Manager position) - Sitting in group clinical supervision on Friday afternoons listening to case presentations and hearing clinicians provide positive feedback and suggestions to their colleagues

(Regarding providing individual therapy) – Having my (newly assigned) 17-year-old client express openly in her first therapy session, what therapy techniques have been most successful for her. She also talks about what she wants to work on clinically moving forward as she prepares to graduate from high school and move forward with her acceptance to college.