"My name is Ondrell Gonyea. My name is Ondrell Gonyea!" Ten-year-old Ondrell confidently and proudly repeated to everybody at the courthouse after being adopted by his forever family. After 2,107 days spent in foster care, Ondrell finally got to go home.

Being placed in the foster care system at just 4-years-old, Ondrell felt that he had nowhere to turn. He was lost without a guiding presence which led to his frustration manifesting in poor behavior. Then, he met Steve and Jennifer. And his life would change forever. Ondrell's care started in Steve and Jennifer's home, and never went anywhere else. The more time Ondrell spent in this home, the more he felt he was a part of the family. The unconditional love and progress he attained in this home was incredible; the change in him was palpable.

Steve and Jennifer helped Ondrell transition from being a behavioral child into a star studded individual. They gave him the keys of success by helping him transition into a new school, where he earned Student of the Month three times, earned the award of honor roll, and was able to communicate and experience the joys of grade school. Ondrell loved being with Steve and Jennifer so much, that he was confident that he was a part of their family; he wouldn't even consider meeting anyone else! Ondrell wrote a letter to Jennifer stating that he knew he was a Gonyea, and was adamant that this was his forever home. This letter is what broke the wall and created a window for adoption in the Gonyea home.

While in court, the judge gifted Ondrell a personalized book bag embroidered with his initials. They also brought in his life book, that showed pictures and major events throughout his time in foster care. Ondrell was ecstatic that he was adopted and so proud to call himself Ondrell Gonyea. After court, everyone went to get ice cream, as he and his new family shared lots of smiles and laughter. For Ondrell, Steve, and Jennifer, this was a dream come true, and none of them wanted it any other way.

"It was a proud moment for me because I could see how much he has changed over the years. I have had the absolute luxury of watching his journey and I am humbled by his pride in his new name. The change is what is rewarding. It renews excitement for the job" - Deanna Butera