Celebrating Nurses' Week - RTF

Nurses’ week is an annual celebration of nurses worldwide for the work they do for others. The week allows the chance to acknowledge the work nurses do, and provides an opportunity to thank them within the industry as a whole. Nurses are your bedside friend around-the-clock, the calming voice-of-reason, and the familiar face full of compassion. To many, they are guardian angels.

During COVID-19, nurses have worked tirelessly on the front lines to ensure that people who need help are cared for. The pandemic has taken a toll on nurses’ morale and mental health. Nursing, in general, is stressful and COVID-19 only amplifies that. Therefore, it’s even more critical to use nurses’ week to reach out and celebrate the nurses around you and throughout the world. We need to keep nurses emotionally engaged with their work to continue providing excellent care to their patients.

We want to celebrate the hard work done by our RTF Nurses, Gina Cascini, Celine Plaisime- Paula, Rachel Briggs, Denise Belmont, Deb Henderson and per diem staff Barb Prumo, and Kristin Whittaker. You all do a fantastic job keeping our children healthy!