The Reviews Are In!

It's been a big year for Austin as he's had many auditions for numerous schools in New York. Austin loves the experience of auditioning and has the passion and perseverance to someday be on Broadway! Everything from singing, dancing, and acting, this guy can do it all! After only being with HGS for a short period, he already caught the attention of all of Tilton School, including teachers and his peers. They now sit in his corner and root him on as they've seen how much he's progressed!

"I had the privilege of being able to hear Austin perform several songs earlier in the month. I have heard many individuals perform songs with a great deal of talent, but I have never witnessed anyone "become the song" the way Austin does. His commitment to the lyrics and message of each song was well beyond that of most other people at the same stage of their musical journey. I am honored to have been able to hear his performance and am excited about his future."  - Kathy Perkins

"Austin’s talents are evident as soon as he begins to perform, but what I admire most is his courage- the courage to compete at a high level and to perform on a grand stage." - Brian McKee

Mrs. Dunn continues to work with Austin vocally every day. Next month, Austin will graduate from Tilton School and prepare to attend his first college of choice, SUNY Fredonia, where he will continue studying voice, theater, and dance in August. Austin recently recorded a new song, "Burn" from the Broadway musical Hamilton. Click the link below to see his performance!