Meet Our Assistant Principal, Sarah Roselli

"Sarah is an incredibly kind, giving, and hard-working person. She truly exemplifies the mission of the agency, and always puts the children first in any decision she makes. I couldn’t ask for a better Assistant Principal." - Shannon Perri, Principal

This week was National Assistant Principals Week, and we want to appreciate our very own Tilton School AP, Sarah Roselli! This year, our celebration takes on even greater significance as we recognize all that has been conquered amid the pandemic while considering what the ever-expanding and evolving role might look like moving forward. Through it all, Sarah demonstrated unwavering leadership—becoming a source of strength and inspiration for us all.
Please join us in congratulating all of her efforts to help keep the school up and running. With all of the activities and fun experiences she coordinates with our students and staff, it would be hard to imagine another VP in her spot. With her bright and welcoming personality, we know everyone has been positively affected by Sarah's actions. Thank you for your time and devotion to The House!
We asked Sarah some questions!


How long have you worked as Vice Principal? 

Seven years (I have been with the agency since 2005-I started working as a childcare worker, then a teaching assistant, then a teacher in the Tilton East program. I became the Tilton School CSE chairperson in 2013 and then Vice Principal in 2014).

What's your favorite part about being Tilton School Vice Principal?  

Like anyone going into the education field, I will say that I began my career in education because I love children and help them find the joys of learning. I must admit that seeing our students succeed in even the most minor accomplishments is the most rewarding part of my job. One of my favorite days of the year is our award ceremony and hearing the teachers talking about the growth and progress that each student has made throughout the school year. Working with our incredible staff and seeing our team/school culture grow is also rewarding.

What makes this job worth it for you? 

Every day is different from the day before! My days are predictably unpredictable. Tilton School is a very busy environment, and each day I am faced with changes, flexibility, multi-tasking, and on-the-spot decision making. Certainly, no two days are alike, and I enjoy this about my job.

I can help guide the direction of the school and be present and connected with the kids.

The relationships that I have built over the years and my ongoing commitment to helping meet the needs of my students, teachers, colleagues, and the community are what make it all worth it.

Tell us about a time when you feel you personally impacted our students' and teachers' lives. 

I created and implemented a “Peer Mentoring Program” with a team of colleagues at Tilton. The program has been a big success and has helped students identify their strengths and utilize coping skills. In this program, students had the opportunity to interview to become a mentor and participated in several pieces of training. This program gave students opportunities to help their peers and the community. Unfortunately, it has been on pause due to Covid, but we look forward to resuming in the near future.

I also created the Tilton Token store for the East program. Students have the opportunity to earn tokens throughout each school day for various things such as working hard on an assignment, displaying good behavior, acts of kindness, achieving a goal, helping a peer, etc. The students then get to cash in their tokens every Friday at the store, filled with rewarding items such as candy, toys, clothing, games, etc. It has been a huge hit! The students are very motivated by this and look forward to it each week.

Also, anything else you'd like to say about being vice-principal? 

I love my job! It takes a village, and we certainly have an amazing one here at HGS. 🙂