Last month a special business letter came in the mail that said, "I am writing to inform you of how much I love your school! I love your staff. They're so nice to me. I know this because my mom works there. I also love your clothing. I got a sweatshirt for Christmas, and I wear it every day. Keep up the fantastic work!"

Who would have thought that this official business letter would have come from a 4th grader?!

The letter was an assignment for ten-year-old Anisia, who attends West Road Elementary in Whitesboro, and is the daughter of Tilton School Program Assistant, Nicole Griatzky. "Anisia "borrows" but actually lives in all the Tilton School/HGS t-shirts that I bring home for myself!" Nicole stated. "I bought myself a sweatshirt that I never ended up trying on because Anisia loved it and wore it all the time. So, I bought her her own for Christmas, and now we match!"

Anisia chose to write to The House out of all businesses she could have picked from. "I think it's more than just the HGS gear that she loves; she knows how special our staff and students are to us and that we are like a second family for each other," Nicole said after receiving the letter. When we can reach our community outside the community we serve, it shows that we have a heart for everybody. #HGSHasHeart