Being 14 years old can bring about many different challenges: becoming a teenager, entering High School, building new relationships, etc. But imagine being 14 years old with these challenges, not knowing your father, and the mother you’ve known your whole life drastically passing away. For Cisco, this was not only a nightmare but a harsh reality.

After this tragic event, Cisco was placed in DFCS Custody in 2014 and was freed for adoption two years later. He went back and forth to multiple foster homes throughout the past seven years, but there was one home that Cisco continued to go back to. This was the home of Sue and Bob Shafer.

Cisco said, “The world is not always black and white, and you cannot give up until you have gotten where you feel the most at home.”

After numerous years of being involved with foster care and the Shafers, Cisco finally found his forever home with Sue and Bob on September 14, 2021. Cisco’s new name became Cisco Altan Shafer. Altan stands for “new beginning,” and a new beginning is exactly what Cisco needed. “Cisco has always been a part of this family, and we knew we had to make him a permanent and forever addition,” said Sue Shafer. The Courthouse burst into smiles as the adoption was finalized.

Cisco said, “It feels good being officially a part of this family, yet it never felt different at The Shafer’s home because they always felt like family to me.” Cisco, at age 21, recently obtained his driver’s license and just purchased himself a 2014 Ford automobile. He is currently applying to different jobs and is pursuing college online at “My Computer Career.” With the help of Sue and Bob Shafer, Cisco has gained the confidence to continue going and make a life for himself.

“Without the support and the love from my new parents, I wouldn’t know exactly where I would be today. But I do know that having them in my life has been a true blessing and has given me the confidence to continue moving forward!”