Educational Services

The Tilton School is a 12-Month Education Service

The Tilton School is on our Champlin Avenue campus and teaches approximately 120 students how to succeed when returning to community school. It is also certified by the New York State Education Department as a K–8 Special Education residential (853) school providing programs for students with disabilities. Both residential and day service students attend Tilton School.

It is divided into two segments: Tilton East serves students aged 5–13 and Tilton West serves students aged 13–18. Both segments share a computer lab, library, gymnasium, music and art rooms. We also provide occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and diagnostic evaluations.

Technology and Career Awareness classes are available to students in grades 7–12. The Learning Center (TLC) provides individual tutoring and a study skills class to help prepare students returning to public school.

Call Mark Ruffing, Coordinator of Intake Services, at 315.235.7624 or email at