Crisis Respite

The House of the Good Shepherd has engaged with the Oneida County Department of Mental Health (OCDMH) to provide short-term "crisis respite" housing services for youth from Oneida County who are in the care and custody of family and not in the custody of the Oneida County Department of Social Services (OCDSS).

Services will be provided to youth who are:

(a) Experiencing a "situational" crisis, most typically a conflict with family members, resulting in moderate impairment in either social, familial, educational, or psychological functioning and

(b) for whom a temporary residential or foster home placement will increase functioning and eliminate further escalation of symptoms.

Provision of services would be on an "as available" basis at either the agency's "Group Emergency Institution" located in the Milton Abelove Children's Shelter (MACS) or one of the agency's respite foster homes located primarily in Oneida County.

Focus of respite services would be crisis resolution and coordination with current community providers to enable return of the children or youth to their home or community environment within a ten (10) calendar day period of time.

Please contact Scott Tooley, Coordinator of Services at 315.235.7652 or