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"The House takes care of children who don't have anyone, and I want to help out where I can, too..." - Liz (A volunteer at The House for almost 20 years)

Our volunteers change children's lives at The House of the Good Shepherd. Volunteers consist of individuals, families, or community service groups. They contribute hundreds of hours of valuable service to the agency by mentoring a child, serving in field placements, coordinating events and providing administrative support. There are three areas of specialty for volunteers: field placements, volunteer mentors or tutors and special events.

Field Placement

Interested students from undergraduate or graduate programs can pursue professional development at The House through field placements. Areas of study include social work, mental health counseling, nurse practitioners, recreation therapy, psychology, special education and other human service concentrations.

The House works in partnership with college programs to address the curricula requirements of each college program. Contact Nanette Conney, VP of Variable Operations, 315.235.7786 or nanettec@hgsutica.com.

Volunteer Mentors or Tutors

The purpose of the volunteer mentor or tutor experience is to support the development of recreational, educational and social skills for youth in care. Volunteer mentors rely on the use of a variety of campus and community-based activities.

A screening process is required for all volunteer mentors or tutors.

Contact Leanne Hahn, Recruitment Specialist, 315.235.7765 or LeanneH@hgs-utica.com.

Special Event Volunteers

Community volunteers play a vital role in organizing special events for The House. Events include the Kids' Future Bowl-a-thon, a golf tournament, Wine All You Want and Holiday Hopes gift collection for the children. Volunteers' skill sets vary from event to event but all share a common goal to generate discretionary income that directly benefits children in care. Plus you have a great time, make new friends and join us in changing children's lives!

Contact Yvonne Bonnie Lynch, Development Assistant, 315.235.7770 yvonnel@hgs-utica.com.