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Kinship Foster Care - Keeping Families Connected

In our commitment to keeping children connected to their families, schools, and communities, we often look to people who are already familiar with the child who needs a temporary out-of-home placement. When someone has a direct connection to a child, such as a relative, family friend, neighbor, teacher, or coach, we can explore opening that person as a kinship foster parent. Kinship foster care parents receive the same support, training, and benefits that we offer our certified foster parents while they care for the child.

Each Day, Foster Parents Promote Safe and Healthy Future Generations of Families.

The Foster Care Program helps children who are currently unable to live with their birth parents. Most children require short-term care while their families receive services and work toward reunification. A primary goal of our Foster Care Program is to take the necessary steps to reunite children with their birth families whenever possible. If that goal is out of reach, foster parents act as a child’s support, helping to prepare them for adoption or independent living.

Types of Foster Care

Therapeutic Foster Care

Therapeutic care consists of counseling, respite, case management, 24/7 on-call crisis response, psychiatric and psychological consultation, physical health coordination, and assessment/treatment planning - as well as weekly home visits by the case planner.

Regular Foster Care

Regular Foster Care consists of case planning and physical health coordination services. Other services are available on a prescribed basis. Respite and emergency housing are also provided.

Kinshhip Foster Care

Parents are encouraged to talk with their case planner if they have a family member or person within their support system that they think could be a resource for their child instead of them being in foster care.