WULA Drum Company Visits Tilton School

March 2, 2018

MBemba Bangoura and Michael Markus MBemba Bangoura and Michael Markus

Music Teacher, Teresa Dunn and Drum Instructor, Kelly Yacco have planned a full day of learning activities and hands-on participation for Music and Drum students on March 9. At 3:30, ALL STAFF and STUDENTS are welcome to attend this exciting Drum and Dance workshop in the MWAC at Tilton School.

Michael Markus is the President and CEO of the WULA Drum Company in NYC. He is a musician, artistic director, and educator. He has spent over 20 years performing, teaching and studying West African and American styles of Drumming.  Along with a BFA in percussion, he has mentored with accomplished master artists - specifically M'Bemba Bangoura and travels to Africa frequently.
Michael and M'bemba travel to schools around the world to conduct workshops for students on understanding rhythm, subdivide time, feel the pulse and play different sounds on the Djembe.
It is their mission to create a community of drummers through various Rhythm patterns.  Their workshops are fun and therapeutic for every student who attends.   
Our drummers will not only learn how to play but also learn the culture of the instrument as well as how it is made. This is truly a hands-on multicultural environment. (Special note: The entire collection of drums in the music room was purchased from the WULA drum company!)
The students will engage in a call/response format which will enhance their coordination, memory, focus, teamwork, and self-expression. Students will play rhythms from West Africa and learn about the ethnic groups, history, purpose and cultural context of the music. The children will refine and play three sounds on the Djembe - bass, tone, and slap. At the end of the workshop, all students will drum in the closing ceremony. This experience fulfills the Growth and Change commitment in our Sanctuary philosphy. 
The tie into New York State Standards for Music Education are as follows:
Standard 1 - Creating, Performing and Participating
Standard 2 - Knowing and using Arts materials and resources
Standard 3 - Responding to and Analyzing Works of Art
Standard 4 - Understanding the Cultural Dimensions and Contributions of the Arts 
Students will carry this VALUABLE experience with them with Kelly's drum lessons as well as Teresa's music classes! 
Teresa and Kelly gratefully thank Brian McKee, Zig Malowicki, Shannon Perri, Sarah Clayton, Kara Smith and Mike Campanaro for supporting this musical event.

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