Riley's Adoption Journey

September 8, 2017

Riley and his grandmother on Adoption Day! Riley and his grandmother on Adoption Day!
HGS Case Planner, David LaGuerre and Riley HGS Case Planner, David LaGuerre and Riley

Riley's foster care experience ends in adoption by his paternal grandmother, Michele Barker-Miller.

"I couldn't be any happier for Michele and Riley," David LaGuerre said. "I am especially proud that I've been his case worker since he came into our care. This is the greatest moment that has happened to me since being at HGS, and I would just like to share it with everyone."

Riley came into our Foster Care Program in October 2013 and resided in the foster home of Steve & Jennifer. Riley's biological parents surrendered their parental rights, and he was freed for adoption as of July 2015. Months later, Michele expressed a desire to be a permanency resource for Riley.

Riley transitioned to Michele's home in August 2016 and started living there as a kinship placement in early November 2016. In January 2017, Michele signed the Intent to Adopt paperwork, and a few months later, she signed the Adoption Planned Agreement (APA). Then, we waited for a court date.

On August 11th, an adoption day and time was set. Finally, Riley's journey in foster care came to a happy ending as he was adopted on August 31, 2017.

"Everyone is familiar with the phrase that hard work pays off. I am more blessed than ever to be doing the work that I do. In times like these, I'm happy to have a job as well as work with the most amazing group of clients while being employed at The House. I've been here for four years. The only thing I've ever wanted for the past four years is to continue to change children's (and families') lives and have a positive outcome for that child. That wish came true after witnessing this adoption and seeing the smile of permanency of his forever home. I am truly blessed and happy that I got to witness this moment as well as be in an agency that allows for this to happen," said David.

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