Alumni Visit The House 60 years Later

August 11, 2017

Two HGS alumni, Stewart Bailey and Elizabeth Wallace, visited campus on Wednesday, August 8, 2017. Stewart was at The House of the Good Shepherd from 1944-1948 along with his two brothers and sister. Now retired, he has been volunteering and advocating for The House for more than 30 years. 
Elizabeth is currently a resident of Oregon and a retired teacher. She and her brother resided at the former location on Genesee Street from 1948-1957. Elizabeth and Stewart walked down memory lane and shared wonderful stories about the time they spent at The House, remembering the many staff that became their mentors and caregivers. 
As Elizabeth toured the grounds, she was astounded by our vast campus and the level of care and variety of services we provide for children. She had the opportunity to meet our staff, who were incredibly kind and welcoming.  She thanked every one of them for their dedication to the children.
"Thank you for being there for my family and me," she said. "I have no regrets being at The House. I am just so grateful and feel blessed The House of the Good Shepherd was there for us. You are doing beautiful things; one day someone like me will come back to thank you."
As the tour ended, Elizabeth and Stewart had their picture taken at the cornerstone of Tilton School to symbolize having come full-circle - that they succeeded in life, and how truly blessed they are to have The House. 
Note: After the visit, we found a framed quote that used to hang in the Development Office – from Elizabeth's brother, Dr. Graham Coveyduck. "One thing that I learned at The House of the Good Shepherd is that you should set standards and know your values – and then stick by them. No matter what anyone else is doing, stick by them." 

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