2017 Sponsorship & Giving

March 20, 2017

"I lived in the RTF for 10 months where I was taught a lot of things. It was hard at first, but I grew to love it  - and it was my home. They treated me with respect and I loved the staff and teachers. They were my family and I'll never forget how much I've changed thanks to The House." Dee

We are pleased to share some exciting news for 2017! This year, we're presenting an incredible line-up of events, along with many ways you can continue to help the children. Our focus is renovating the A and B Cottages on campus that are home to our Residential Treatment Center, certified by the NY State Office of Children and Family Services. We will be concentrating on creating an even more nurturing and comforting environment to better encourage growth and safety in the place our kids call "home." Our focus includes the overall structure of the buildings, as well as improvements and configurations to the bedrooms, bathrooms and common living areas. 

In addition, YOU will continue to provide life-changing skills for the children! 

  • Health and Life skills
  • Recreation and Sports
  • Field Trips and extracurricular activities
  • Music and Art
  • STEM classes and equipment
  • Respect and Nurture

The children that come to The House have faced many different types of challenges, often leaving them feeling alienated, alone, abandoned, and hopeless. For many of them, The House is the only place that provides safety. Here, they learn to feel important and find their true potential. The goal is to prepare children to flourish, to be responsible adults working and thriving in the community. Together, with your support, we can continue our efforts to provide an incredible life for all of the children The House. We are looking forward to a fantastic year! 

Please download our 2017 Sponsorship and Giving Opportunity Brochure for more details!


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