Kids', BB Designs' Bring Dreams to Life in Murals at Schafer Residence

October 6, 2016

BB Designs recently completed two breath-taking murals in the boys' and girls' therapy rooms at The House of the Good Shepherd's Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) - Schafer Residence.

Angela Johnson, owner and artist at BB Designs, brought the stunning artwork to life with the help of the kids at The House. For the boys' therapy room, she created a wildly colorful rainforest scene.

In the girls' therapy room, she crafted a dreamy, serene paradise.

Trista Corsino, Assistant Director of Residential Treatment Facility Services, explained that the kids and staff at RTF have been working on ways to create a homier, brighter environment.

Angela came in and brainstormed with the children to find out what visions they had imagined. They were excited to be able to help Angela create the actual paintings, and it was a truly unique experience for them. It took about a month to complete the finished products.

These murals were made possible with the money raised by A&P Master Images' annual Kids' Bowl-a-Thon this past April. We'd like to extend a huge thank you to B&B Designs, A&P Master Images, and the volunteers and sponsors involved!






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