Thank You Kelly Vivyan

June 30, 2016

Hi my name is Brittani and I was at The House of the Good Shepherd between 1995 - 2001. I struggled a lot there. I always acted out... Out of fear of being put back with my biological family. You all did try to help me but I was reluctant to take the help offered. I remember Kelly Vivyan who was my teacher at the Tilton School telling me, "Brittani, you're the only one that can make your life better." It never got in my head until I left HGS and moved on. Then, I finally got what Kelly Vivyan was telling me. Kelly Vivyan helped me a lot. I may not of listened to her while I was at HGS, but she has helped me just by telling me I have the power to make my life better.

I am now 25-years-old and living a wonderful life. I have graduated high school, and I am employed at the casino. I live in a cerebral palsy home where I learn all kinds of skills, like how to live on my own, how to cook, how to manage money - things I didn't work on and wasn't allowed to do in the past. I run a self advocacy group through cerebral palsy of the north country which I founded. We do all kinds of thing like give back to the community. The reason:  I was always helped by people so I want to give back and make a difference, just like Kelly Vivyan did in my life. I am writing to thank Kelly Vivyan and all the staff that were there who told me that I would make it and succeed in life.  At first I didn't believe Kelly Vivyan but now I do and I want to thank her cause I have come a long way because she had faith in me. If you could share this with Kelly Vivyan and all the other staff I would appreciate it. Kelly you are my hero. I want you to know that because of your faith in me I have grown up to succeed and I will continue to succeed.

You all are wonderful people and you make a difference in a lot of children's lives, and thank you Kelly Vivyan and all the other staff who helped me realize that I had to be the one who wanted to change for the better. Thank to all staff for making a difference in every child's life.

God bless you all. Keep doing what you all are doing cause you're helping children.


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