Wishes in the Wishing Well

March 27, 2015

On Thursday, March 26, 2015, The House of Good Shepherd hosted our annual Wellness Expo with more than 20 vendors and over 250 participants - both staff and children. A new feature of the Wellness Expo was the Wishing Well designed and created by Training Secretary Doyle Rager. As each person entered the expo, they received a ballot with a health tip and a space to provide a wish for someone! Here is a sampling of wishes from staff and children.



  • Maria's wish: That my grandma gets rid of her cancer.
  • Matt's wish: I wish for safety and good will for my family.
  • Johnathin's wish: I wish that me and mom can join a gym.
  • Trevor's wish: I wish Mr. Quinn has a good year.
  • Michael's wish: That Mr. Fay has a really fun and happy life.
  • Hailey's wish: I hope my mom has enough money to pay for everything and that she can spend more time with us kids.
  • Junior's wish: I say thank you to all my positive peers for being there for me with I need it. Good lookin out, homies!
  • Jahmir's wish: I wish to become a WWE superstar
  • Josh's wish: I wish for world peace.
  • Daniel's wish: I wish to get to my family and move on from my mistakes.
  • Karen's wish: I hope Mrs. Dunn feels well and has a good day.
  • Margaret's wish: Mrs. Matthews, thank you for your help, great job! You're appreciated. :)
  • Isiah's wish: I wish Mr. Smith recovers from surgery soon.
  • Jordyn's wish: I wish wellness to my grandma and I wish that I become a nurse.
  • Steven's wish: I wish that Mr. Slawson lives a healthy life and that he enjoys it to the fullest.
  • Kloey's wish: Mr. Slawson, thank you for always talking to me when I need it. You're a cheese doodle!!!
  • Lindsey's wish: My wish is for C. I hope you get discharged soon, you will do so good!
  • C's wish: I wish to be healthy.


  • Ms. Campanella's wish: My wish is for Ms. Alvanos and Mr. Slawson, don't forget to breathe. 
  • Mr. Delaney's wish: I wish that Bernard completes all the goals he is setting to achieve and continues to improve himself in order to get the life he truly wants.
  • Mr. Girvan's wish: Please keep looking down on our children and staff, keeping us safe today and every day. We miss you Steve (Gruebel).
  • Ms. Perkin's wish: I hope Trista stays strong and finishes her degree.
  • Ms. Gardinier's wish: Tilton School Staff, I wish for peace of mind, feelings of safety, and team work.
  • Ms. Reinhardt's wish: I wish wellness to Doyle for always being there for me.
  • Ms. Farnell's wish: I wish Nicole Seamon many more peanut butter sandwiches made by her dear daughter!
  • Ms. Cognetti-Fontana's wish: I wish my husband a Happy Spring! Love you much!
  • Ms. Palmer's wish: Michelle Luce, you are my right arm! Thanks!
  • Ms. Jones' wish: My wish if for Sue Kappler to have a speedy recovery. We miss you.
  • Ms. Smith's wish: Agency Staff, take time for yourself and be proud of the small positive moments!
  • Ms. Crozier's wish: I wish my mother great and fast healing.
  • Ms. Mulvihill's wish: My wish is for Ryan Scarlino... I wish the sun comes out for him!
  • Ms. T. Dunn's wish: I wish that our Drum Program grows beyond belief.
  • Ms. Eddy's wish: To my son, keep trying not to worry. Everything will turn out fine.
  • Ms. K. Dunn's wish: Walter, I'm wishing you calmness.
  • Ms. Davis' wish: I wish to live a healthier life.
  • Mr. O'Brien's wish: Sean Smith, feel better soon and recover quickly.
  • Ms. Storey's wish: Tedesco, I wish you many happy healthy days as my new best friend! 8)
  • Ms. Seamon's wish: Ms. Farnell, have a fun summer with a lot of activities!
  • Dr. Joseph's wish: Doyle, thank you for coming up with sucha  great idea around wellness - many wishes to you for a wonderful Spring!
  • Mr. Laguerre's wish: My wish is for the Foster Care Staff to keep their sanity through the many crises that we face each day.
  • Mr. Hayes' wish: Keep up the great team work, Foster Care Staff!
  • Ms. Clayton's wish: To All Tilton Staff- I wish you all a well-deserved, relaxing, safe vacation with your family and friends.
  • Mr. Farrell's wish: I wish peace, relaxation, and awareness of a job well done to all the Child Care Workers. 
  • Mr. Fay's wish: I wish Doyle a life full of chocolate and peanut butter.

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