A Child's Promise Annual Campaign

Kendall\'s Birthday Surprise Kendall\'s Birthday Surprise
A Child's Promise Annual Campaign

When you support the Child's Promise Annual Campaign to benefit the children and families at The House of the Good Shepherd, you are helping to achieve the ultimate goal of strengthening and reuniting families. Reunification is a crucial focus of the Foster Care Program at The House, so offering a healthy space for visitation or "parenting time" is a top priority. Your Child's Promise donation will help provide a safe, clean and positive environment where parents and children can bond and interact. 

Parenting time plays a critical role in normalizing "every day" family experiences. Whether it's a surprise birthday party, a mom giving her son a haircut, or the privacy a new mother and infant need to bond by just rocking in a chair; these cherished moments help parent and child reunite in a positive and valuable manner. Our goal at The House is to enhance visitation rooms and experiences. When you complete the enclosed pledge card or donate online at ChangingChildrensLives.com, you will change a child's life forever.

On behalf of all the children who will reunite with their families, thank you!

Kendall's Story

Kendall came into foster care in June 2014 with his two brothers. This was the first time the boys had been separated from their parents, and they found solace in being placed together, even though they missed the rest of their family.

At the end of August, their parenting time was scheduled on Kendall's eighth birthday. His parents wanted this to be more than special - something memorable! They worked with their Case Planner to plan a surprise party. They arrived early to decorate the visitation room, and invited the extended family to partake in the festivities. Kendall looked forward to the visit just to share stories of his fun party that his foster parents threw for him, not knowing the surprise awaiting him.

When he excitedly opened the door... SURPRISE!


A Child's Promise Campaign acknowledges that all children have potential. Sometimes resources are the hurdle for children discovering what they can achieve and too many children come to us convinced they have nothing to offer. YOU are changing that with your support! Thank you for your incredible generosity and helping change children's lives!



Watch Sara and Joey's stories unfold in the video clips below. 

A Child's Promise Campaign is based on the acknowledgment that all children have promise. Sometimes resources are the hurdle for children discovering their promise. Too many children come to us convinced they have nothing to offer. What could be more chilling than a child who has lost hope.

That's why we started A Child's Promise Campaign. Anyone can participate with financial support at any level you choose. Each Child's Promise gift whether it's a personal gift, in-kind gift, company support, tribute gift or planned gift will impact the life of a child at The House.

Every Child's Promise story shows how courageous and resilient children at The House are in overcoming unthinkable experiences. They show that no matter what has happened to you, you are in charge of making your future better.















If you are an alumnus, we want to hear your story. Not only will you give encouragement to children who are in care, you will help our supporters understand that they are shaping the futures of successful people in our community like you!

Please contact Sean Farrell, Communications Coordinator at seanf@hgs-utica.com or call 315.235.7773.