Foster Care

"In the face of often unimaginable challenges, foster children demonstrate extraordinary courage and determination.  Their resolve reminds us that we have obligations to them and to one another, and that we all share in the responsibility of lifting up our Nation's youth.  This month, we honor these young people and all those who dedicate themselves to making a difference in the lives of girls and boys in foster care.  Let us each recognize the large and small ways we can brighten the future of a foster child this month and every month, and together let us reach for the day when everyone knows the love and safety of a permanent home." President Barack Obama, Presidential Proclamation - National Foster Care Month 2015

As a foster parent with The House of the Good Shepherd, you can be the turning point in a child's life. Teach a child and family that they have the strength they never thought was possible. Experience the rewards of becoming a foster parent.



Children's Stories

The Natural and other children whose lives have been changed at the house >>

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Some people are just naturals; born with talent. Some are natural musicians. Others are natural artists. Raj is a natural athlete. He was always athletically-inclined, but never had the opportunity to play any sports when he was young. In fact, Raj was not allowed to play outside. He spent much...

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Because of you, we had our most successful event ever. With a full playing course at 36 teams, we worked hard to ensure a smooth registration process and speed of play. During registration, players received a voucher where...

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The House partners with Marcy 5K - REGISTER TODAY

The House of the Good Shepherd is a pround partner of The Marcy 2015 5k Run & Walk. The Marcy 5k is an annual road race that supports a local charity providing the care and services that make...

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