Foster Care

Foster Parent Information nights are held MONTHLY in Utica and QUARTERLY in Watertown. Classes start soon! Call 315.235.7700 in Utica or 315.782.8064 in Watertown for more information on becoming a foster parent.

As a foster parent with The House of the Good Shepherd, you can be the turning point in a child's life. Teach a child and family that they have the strength they never thought was possible. Experience the rewards of becoming a foster parent.



Children's Stories

Jay's Story and other children whose lives have been changed at the house >>

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If you neglect a seed, it will never grow. It will never blossom. When Jay was a small child, his mother abandoned him. He never knew his father. His mother lost parental rights and he was adopted by a single mom. Within a few years, his new mom started to...

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Kids', BB Designs' Bring Dreams to Life in Murals at Schafer Residence

BB Designs recently completed two breath-taking murals in the boys' and girls' therapy rooms at The House of the Good Shepherd's Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) - Schafer Residence...

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Thank You Kelly Vivyan

Hi my name is Brittani and I was at The House of the Good Shepherd between 1995 – 2001. I struggled a lot there. I always acted out of fear of being put back with my biological family. You all did try to help me but I was reluctant to...

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