Foster Parent FAQs/Facts

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Foster Care Program

Who can be a foster parent?
Foster parents can be any marital status: single, married, divorced or partnered. Foster parents must be 21 years old.

Do I need my own home?
It isn't necessary that foster parents own their home. As long as you own or rent your home, you can apply to be a foster parent.

How much do I get paid to be a foster parent?
Foster parents are not paid, but you do receive a monthly stipend for the child's room, food, clothing and other expenses.

Are the child's medical expenses covered?
Yes, all of the child's medical expenses are covered through The House. This includes health, dental, vision, and medicine.

Are additional trainings offered?
Yes, you will need to attend additional training sessions throughout the year that supplement and maintain your foster parent certification.





In Utica, call Jamie Andrews or Sue Novak at 315.235.7700.
In Watertown, call Chelsea Martin at 315.782.8064.