Administrative Staff

William Holicky – Chief Executive Officer

Leila "Lee" Bjornland - Interim Director of Development & Communications

Nanette Conney – Vice President of Variable Operations

Graceann Guzski (LCSW-R)  – Associate Executive Director of Community Services  

Jeanna Heretz – Director of Human Resources 

Zygmunt Malowicki (LMSW, ACSW)  – Assistant Executive Director for Professional Services  

Kathy Perkins (LCSW) - Associate Executive Director of Community Services

Karalyn Smith (LCSW) – Associate Executive Director of Foster Care Services  

Virginia Whitford-Anken –Vice President for Strategic Advancement

Program Staff

Sarah Clayton - Assistant Principal

Trista Corsino - Assistant Director of Residential Treatment Facility

Jorge Falero (M.D) – Psychiatrist

Sean Farrell - Senior Manager of Marketing & Communications

Amy Fuchs (LMHC, M.A., NCC) – Assistant Director of Intensive Treatment Services 

Diane Guckemus Staff Training and Development Coordinator

Melissa Joseph (Psy.D.) – Supervising Psychologist 

Shannon Perri – School Principal

Mark Ruffing - Coordinator of Intake Services

Byron Saggese – Assistant Director of Residential Treatment Center Services  

Janet Talbot – Interim Director of Financial Services

Toby Taylor (M.D.) - Medical Director

Eric Tilton - Assistant Director of Transitional Services 

Scott Tooley – Coordinator of Foster Parent Services

Justin Warren - Coordinator of Health Services